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Don & Louise Coulson

Metalsmiths Don & Louise Coulson use ancient techniques to create holloware, flatware and jewelry in pewter, bronze, copper, silver and gold.    

 As a former teacher, Louise Coulson contributes a strong sense of design, color and form to the team and Don, an engineer, uses his left-brain perspective to “make things work”. Together, they form the creative whole that has become Kingfisher Designs.

 Their work has received awards in numerous juried shows and recognition in exhibits, magazines and newspaper articles. As members of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, they were chosen along with 39 other master craftsmen to represent in the Guild in the 40th Anniversary book, i am a craftsman: 40 at 40.

 Their functional and ornamental metal work develop through their work with hammers and fire.

 They are known for the colors developed through the use of flame, fluid or fumes. Don is flame paints with the tip of torch while Louise experiments with fluids and fumes to create color.

 They find that working with metal is an exercise in evolution. The more they ask of it, the more it seems to respond with a fluidity that is not apparent at the outset. Some pieces spring spontaneously from the hammer or torch, while others are revealed through modeling, sketching or experimentation.

As an engineer, Don brings attention to detail and precision in craftsmanship to everything he does.  His knotted and braided designs are inspired by his years of experience aboard boats and developed through painstaking planning, experimentation and research.  His well-thought-out pieces reflect authenticity and tradition influenced by his own exciting “twist” and precise craftsmanship.

Louise’s background in arts and education aside, she definitely has both feet firmly planted in mid-air.  She designs "outside the box" with a fanciful constant questioning of the materials and their possibilities both accidental and by design.  Her work is easily recognized for its intricacy and delicate marriage of materials, creativity and craftsmanship.

Both of them approach the work from a distinctly different viewpoint, but working closely together, they design and create your special work using their combination of natural skills and learned expertise.

While each piece is rooted in time-honored methods, the natural beauty of the materials and elements is an expression of the excitement of a new idea, design or technique. They see each piece as a journey and every trip into the studio as an adventure.

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