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Eruption Bowl

Eruption Bowl

Raised on stakes by hand, the Eruption Bowl has a torch-cut edge.  The bowl has built in feet and the torch cutting is done after the rest of the bowl is finished.
For Your Table

These are glass on copper and since they are basically a glass bowl with a copper core, you can use them as you would any glass bowl.  These are bowls we have made, but most have been sold.

We use lead free vitreous enamel on our bowls.  The bowls go into the kiln anywhere from 5 - 12 times to develop the color we are looking for. 

Vitreous enamel is durable and the color does not fade or change once the piece is finished.  We make most of our own vessels on stakes with a variety of hammers or in our hydraulic press.

Imagine using them to serve guests wasabi chips, sugar cookies, homemade pickles or other delicacies.
Mosaic Bowl


This plate that was fired with vitreous enamel then with chunks of glass several times.  The swirl pattern was created by working the molten glass while the piece was in the kiln.
Wabi Sabi Bowl

Wabi Sabi

This 7" bowl was fold formed and raised then enameled with transparent vitreous enamel and fired at least 11 times in the kiln to develop the blues and greens.
Small Green Dish


The pull of gravity on molten glass gives this piece it's very unusual design.
Enameled Bowl

This Raku fired bowl features sterling silver and a pearl look from the process.
Salt Cellars

Salt Cellars

These enameled salt cellars are presented on cedar bases with sterling silver spoons.
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