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Enameled Trays
Enameled Tray 


Most of these trays are 11" x 7" and about 1.5" deep.  The trays are rough cut then formed in our hydraulic press.  Depending on the colorway, we fire them up to 12 times in the kiln to develop the color. 

Some of them are worked in the kiln while still in a molten state to get the effect we are looking for. 

Once the piece is shaped and enameled to fit the original design, the edge is cut with a torch and polished.

These trays are great for organizing things on your dresser or serving drinks or Hors d'oeuvres.


Rectangle Enameled Tray 

Cherry Blossoms/td>
Eruption Oval Tray 

Oval Eruption Tray
Night Garden

Night Garden
Scraffiti Tray

Scraffito Tray
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