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Home Decor

Eruption Vase 

Deconstruction Bowl
We create artisan pieces to accent your home and allow you
to express your own creativity when when you decorate.

Kingfisher Designs boxes, vases, dishes and other home
decor pieces are a showcase of different techniques we have
used over the years in our jewelry and other fabricated work.

We use enameling, fold forming, chasing and repousse'
engraving, fabrication techniques, raising, electro forming
and other techniques on these pieces. 

Some of the work is decorative, and some are functional as
Ginko Bowl

Ginko Leaf Dish
Shell Box

Chambered Nautilus Box
Clam Shell Box

Clam Shell Box
Maple Leaf Dish

Maple Leaf Dish

Water Lily Tray

Water Lily Tray

Vortex Box

Vortex Box in Bronze and Silver
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