Get Organized With Your Own Bullet Journal

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Too many things were not getting done and I was missing too many appointments and deadlines.  Show applications were overdue, ideas would be lost because things just got written on random bits of paper.

I was overwhelmed, disorganized and stressed.  I know I am not alone in this. After seeing the words “bullet journal” a few times I was tempted to try it.  I thought, “ I don’t have time for another project.” 

Get Organized with Your Own Bullet Journal

These bullet journals online were just beautiful.  They had lots of pretty colors, sketches and even stickers.  I started collecting them on a Bullet Journal JumpStarts Pinterest board. They were almost like scrap books with organization and artistry.  There just was no time to do this! Bullet Journal JumpStarts on Pinterest

I discovered the original source for this analog way of keeping track in a digital world -  Ryder Carroll.   Like most of us he had tried the computer generated methods of keeping his thoughts together.  Even purchased planners are not exactly right.  It just didn’t work for him.

I made a 2 month commitment to just see what a bullet journal could do.  Within 3 days I was hooked. Everything is in one place.  There is even an index to keep up with where things have been stored.  Collections can house plans, daydreams, random ideas, habit tracking and so much more.  Knowing what I need to do monthly, weekly and daily has changed my life.

My own “BuJo” is bright red and came with a ribbon marker.  I added 3 ribbons so I could mark the Index, Yearly Log, Monthly Log and Weekly Log.  It is a sturdy journal with lines about 6" x 8".  It would be good if it could have a pen holder.  Great pens to use are the Foray, a Sharpie pen fine, a Flair and (my favorite) a Lamy fountain pen.

Some journal keepers are devoted to special journals, pens, stickers and other embellishments they use.  Kara at Boho Berry has a great article on supplies here.

By the way - the beautiful blue tea mug in the picture is from Poplar Ridge Pottery.  You can find them on Facebook.

Getting your own BoJo started is explained very simply here - .  This shows the bare bones of a Bullet Journal, but when you tailor it to your own personality and needs, it will take on a life of its own.  You can keep your schedule and appointments, but so much more.

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