Hallmark Movies and Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments.

Christmas movies and ornaments - it must be December.  This year we decided to make some ornaments.  They are exclusively available at the Metal Museum and WinterArts in Memphis.

With our family scattered literally across the globe don't actually do much decorating for Christmas.  So I was not really looking forward to making the ornaments.

I found out I really like crystals.  The Swarovski Crystals are gorgeous and I must be part crow, because I love the flash.  Then I decided I needed some inspiration to get into the mood, so I started listening to Hallmark Christmas Movies while I worked - there must be 100 different ones.  

Kingfisher Designs Christmas ornaments

Actually thinking about it - there really are only a few.  All have one of the basic plots (I would guess there are about 6) with different characters and scenery.  From this I am afraid I might end up wanting eggnog and fruitcake.

However it has definitely brought beauty and spirit. I think it has been fun and I might do it again next year.


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