Gloucester by the Sea

We have moved 43 times since 1968.  That's a lot of wandering, but in all of those places, the home of my heart is Gloucester, MA.

Gloucester, massachusetts

Settled in 1623 before Salem or Boston, it is the nation’s oldest seaport.  It was the fishing center of New England  

We found a book about Gloucester from 1938  pictures in this book show sold scenes of the Gloucester fishing schooners and the harbor.  

classic copper shotglass

The town has changed so much over the years and particularly after the movie The Perfect Storm , but it is still the home of Gorton’s of Gloucester and the fishing boats still rule the harbor.  

Gloucester fisherman

The beauty and character of the old fishing village  survives. You can still watch the commercial fishing boats move in and out of the harbor just the way they have for 3 centuries and more.  You can smell the sea air and hear the cries of the black back gulls.  Be sure and see the museum, great seafood restaurants, fishing trips and particularly the whale watches.  It is a place of beauty not to be missed. 

Oh — and that is our Classic Copper Shot Glass in the picture with the book about one of the most beautiful spots around  

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