Great Apps for your Phone or Tablet

It is hard to imagine, but in the four years between 2013 and 2017 phone apps available have gone from 130,000 to 2.2 million. Is it any wonder our phones are overloaded and chaos seems to reign on our screens.

I recently did a survey among my Facebook friends (on my Facebook app) and asked for their very favorite apps. The following list of apps have been recommended and may help you find your way through the chaos. Most of the apps are free, but some are paid.  Not all apps are available for both IOS and Android so you may not be able to access all of them 

  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • LinkdIn
    • Instagram
    • Wordpress
    • Twitter
  • Productivity
    • Transfer - Lets you transfer photos between your devices and your computers
    • Scan Pro - Favorite all time app has replaced my own free standing scanner. It allows you to scan documents or images and send them
    • Office Suite - Free version allows document editing and creation, spreadsheet editing and creation and editing, viewing PDF files, presentations editing and creation.
    •  Greenify closes all of your apps
    • Mr Number - Blocks and identifies scam calls
    • MC Backup - Back up your contacts
    • Nomorobo - Block robocalls and calls from telemarketers
    • Wunderlist - easy list app that helps you remember deadlines
  • Images and Video
    • Adobe Photoshop Express - Edit images
    • Adobe Clip - Edit videos
    • Snapseed - Photo editor from Google
    • Rhona- Add test to your images or create text on backgrounds
    • 1SE - Video diary that stitches videos and photos in your life
    • Travel
      • Gas Buddy - Find gas stations directions and pricing while on the road
      • Google Earth - Go anywhere in the world by satellite
      • Google Maps - Mapping of businesses, eateries and more to let you find them when you are traveling
    • Weather
      • Weather Channel - Simple weather app
      • First Alert Weather - Lets you know when severe weather is headed your way
      • MyRadar - Highly recommended weather app
    • Health
      • Pilates Coach - Pilates sessions with health advise
      • - Leads you through Yoga poses
      • Insight Timer - Meditation guided and unguided
      • Map My Walk - Track your walking progress
    • Design
      • Paper 53 - Constantly expanding drawing app
      • Brushes -Realistic drawing, painting and sketching
      • Amaziograph - Kaleidoscopic drawing app
      • Drawerings - Kaleidoscope mandella drawing
    • Communication
      • Skype - Connects you with friends and family anywhere in the world
      • Kik - Messenger app
      • Facebook Messenger - Messenger app
    • Shopping
      • Amazon - Shop for anything
      • Groupon - Deals and coupons
      • Out of Milk - Shopping list app
      • Ebay - Buy or sell on Ebay
      • Etsy - Buy on Etsy
      • Sell on Etsy - Sell your work on Etsy
      • Scan & Go  - Sam's and Walmart real time
    • Entertainment
      • Pandora- Music app
      • YouTube - Thousands of videos
      • Audible - Audio books
    • Cloud Storage
      • Google Drive - Google cloud
      • Dropbox - Dropbox cloud
      • iCloud - Apple cloud

I hope this helps tame the monster in your phone, though I have to admit that it added a few legs to mine.  Please add your favorites in the comments.

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