Introducing - Tiny Twig Spoon

Copper Spoon salt spoon small copper spoon spice spoon sugar spoon tiny spoon tiny twig spoon twig handle spoon

We always love making a new piece, and the Tiny Twig Spoon is no exception. 

Tiny copper twig spoon

The design is cute enough to make earrings from, but it is a functional piece of art for your table.  

Tiny Copper twig spoon and copper grape leaf bowl

We have been enjoying some of the gourmet salts that are available and sometimes pair it with a bowl for salts or herbs at the  table.  

It could be used as a tasting spoon, for adding sugar or sweeteners to your drinks.  You might even want to try it as a dieter's ice cream spoon ;-)

You can find the Twig Spoon, Grape Leaf Bowl or The Bowl and Spoon Set in our online shop.

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