We Survived the Great Tomato Invasion

canning copper ladle tomato soup tomatoes

large copper ladle

Someone gave us 100 lb. of tomatoes.  Of course we thought  - “Great, we can can them tomorrow”.  We planned, found recipes, peeled tomatoes and bought a few extra jars - actually every pint jar in 2 counties. 

We made pasta sauce, salsa, tomato soup and tomato juice.  By far the best thing we made was bruschetta.  Home made all grain bread topped with our own home made mozzarella and the bruschetta hits all of the taste buds.  Add a glass of rich red wine to that and you have a late dinner.

the great tomato invasion, copper ladle

We survived the Great Tomato Invasion largely because of this huge ladle.  One like it is available in in our online shop here. 

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