It's Fig Season!

Copper bowl copper spoon fig preserves fig season figs fresh fig grape leaf bowl summer fruit tiny twig spoon

We are over run with figs and I just love it when they come in.  We share them with the birds, raccoons and squirrels, but not because we actually want to.  
Tiny Spoon with fig preserves
So far this year we have frozen them, dried them, made jam and roasted them with olives, honey and feta cheese.  It is keeping us busy to keep up with the fig trees, but you know we will be sorry to see them go. I am glad we have some to use in the winter.
Oh - the Copper Grape Leaf Bowl holding the fig preserves is available in our online shop and the Tiny Twig Spoon is our newest piece.  You can also find it in our online shop.

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