12 Quick Clutter Busters

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Our home is our refuge.  We are at it again - cleaning out and donating or throwing away what we don't absolutely need.  It seems to accumulate and you know that saving it for later never really works because frankly if I need it I won't have any idea where it is.

.Caper at Aird Island 

Caper was our beloved home for 12 years.
It had 225 square ft. of living space.

Eliminating clutter helps lower stress and increase creativity.  I was raised in a mobile home, lived on a 50 ft boat, and lived in campers.  We have learned how to live in a small space in comfort and make it function and we do it by choice.  Keeping the clutter down is the only way we can live small and be comfortable.  I hope you can use a few of these tips to help eliminate clutter around your home.

12 Clutter Busters

  1. Locate your clutter collection "hot spots" and put a basket there to catch the clutter then purge it once a week.
  2. Deal with the mail as it comes in. Toss what you can and put the other pieces where they need to be
  3. Eliminate old magazines.  Tear out articles if you need them and put them in a file or better yet, scan and save them.  Scanner Pro is an excellent app for scanning.
  4. Corral your plastic grocery bags in one place.  I use a fabric tube with elastic on both ends.
  5. Pick one drawer or cabinet a day and eliminate what you can.
  6. Turn your hangers around in your closet and if you have not worn something in a year you aren't likely to. 
  7. Look for duplicate or unused things in your kitchen.  Throw away anything you can manage without.
  8. Think of the house that is a box that is only just so big and if you buy something get rid of something else.
  9. When you shop, think about whether you want or need the item.  Impulse buy can add to the clutter.
  10. If you are storing a box and don't know what is in it I know you have to look inside.  If you don't want to throw it away write the date on it and if you haven't used it in a year, throw it away - don't open it again.
  11. Look through your food and throw away anything that is out of date. 
  12. Go through the medicine chest and throw away out of date items.  I will admit it - I recently threw away cough syrup that was out of date in 2004.

It is a start and every thing you can get rid of takes away just a little stress and gives you a little more space to live your best most creative life.

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