Mom's Birthstone Pendant - A Bowline Knot

birthstone bowline New Pieces pearl silver tube setting welding whipping

Pearl and Birthstones

 This very special piece was made for a young woman with two children whose husband ordered it for her when he was being deployed.  The bowline has a special meaning in that it becomes more effective under stress.

There is more to the story. Don made it, so I can carry on all I want about how beautiful it is.  He just did a beautiful job tying the knot and setting the stones. 

Some don't understand that each knot is hand tied and whipped rather than cast. Holes are drilled for the whipping (when you are tying knots, it is called whipping and done in a lighter line) The ends are tucked in and welded in place.  The pearl is drilled and welded also. This is a life time heritage piece of jewelry.  We rarely do a custom piece, but we were so glad to be able to make this hand tied bowline.

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