My Favorite Hammer

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Some of you may have seen pictures of my beautiful chasing hammer over the years.  I call it Princess and have used it nearly every day for 6 years and it developed a crack in the handle.  I was horrified.
If you have seen our website or social media over the years you may have seen my beautiful hammer handle.  It is Osage Orange - sometimes called Bodark.  It is extremely hard - so hard that when a fence post is set, it is usually set green because the staples won't go in.
New chasing hammer handle
My new handle is as beautiful as the old one.  The grip has a very different shape.  I was a little worried over the size and shape as my hands are small and old.  But it looks as if the change might be a good one.
The new handle
  • Changes the position of my hand slightly, which takes pressure off of worn joints
  • Forces me to hold the hammer in the correct position
  • Gives me more control over the hammer

I will have to adjust to the size and shape, but all in all it will be a good change.

copper grape leaf bowl

 My chasing hammer is used on every piece you we make that has a leaf or a flower on it.  This Grape Leaf Bowl is just one of those leaves available in our online shop.

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