Do you like olives?

olive olive oil olive pick olives square dopper bowl stuffed olives

It seems you either love olives or can't stand them.  I happen to love them.
skewer and 3 inch copper bowl with olives
It is probably better to taste them before you read how they are made.  In fact, I don't think I will even mention how they are made, but imagine the first person to take that bitter little stone "fruit" and find a way to make it palatable to at least some of us. 
Olives can be cured in different ways, herbs added and stuffed with cheese, garlic or even peppers.  I just like mine brined and stuffed with a pimento.  How do you like yours?
The olives in the picture are in one of our 3" bowls and on one of our skewers getting prepared to serve.  You can shop for your own in our online shop.

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