The Work of Our Dreams

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We live for the chance to make a One of A Kind piece.

Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods  is just that kind of piece.  Walk in the Woods was made in response to a call-to-artists for an exhibition at Artlink - The Art of Metalsmithing Exposed.

To say it was a challenge would be quite an understatement.  You can see a little more about the challenge in our blog.  Both of us had to pull out all of the stops and use what we have learned over the years.

When you get to make the piece of your dreams it is exciting, challenging and just a little bit scary.  I never really understood when they would say that an athlete "left it all on the field" until now.  After 70 days of work on Walk in the Woods  we felt a little lost, but we already have another exciting piece in the works.  Join our mailing list list to be the first to know about it.

We recently added Walk in the Woods in our online store.

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