Our Ladle has a Hole In It

Copper bowl Copper Olive Ladle Early California Olives Martini Olives Olive Ladle Serving Olives Square Copper Bowl

Have you ever seen a ladle with a hole in it?  At first glance it doesn’t seem all that functional. 
copper square bowl olive ladle
We found a very old ladle with a long handle and a hole in it at an antique shop.  We had no idea what it was used for.  It turned out to be an Olive ladle, which made sense.  
When we dip olives out of the jar it makes a mess, so we updated the idea and made this one using our traditional grape leaf.  It is good for olives, capers, maraschino cherries - maybe even hot fudge if you are very fast 😆. 
Of course we put the olives in one of our square bowls. You can shop for the Copper Olive Ladle and the 3” Square Copper Bowl in our online store

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