Queen’s Reward Mead and Roasted Figs!

Copper Leaf Bowl Copper Spoon grape leaf bowl Honey Wine Mead Queen’s Reward Meadery

We picked figs today and roasted them with some of Don’s blue cheese.

Queen's Reward Meadery Kingfisher Designs copper bowl and spoon

We only have roasted figs a few times a year.  They are drizzled with honey, so naturally we Had some mead with the figs since mead is made from honey.  Good combination!

Queen’s Reward Meadery is local for us and one of our favorites is their Rubee - with cranberry and orange.  They have trivia and game nights and a rotating lists of great food trucks that show up.  If you are ever in Tupelo, Mississippi drop by.  It is a great place hang out.  While you are there try their flight samples and don’t miss that crazy good wine slush.

Oh - and we served the figs on our copper leaf bowls with the copper leaf spoonYou can find them in our online store  

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