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We have been reorganizing everything and including links to 2 Etsy shops, 2 websites, a blog and all of our social media. I had everyone including myself confused. I am not even sure what I was thinking. Not only did I have everyone confused, I had them running here and there to find different things

Everything except the Jewelry Tutorials is now on our website at Kingfisher Designs Metals. the Jewelry Tutorials will stay on the KingfisherArtJewelry Etsy shop for now.

Kingfisher Designs Website

The tutorials will stay in the KingfisherArtJewelry Etsy shop because that is where a lot of customers for jewelry tutorials are. We have about 30 tutorials in the pipeline. To get help with the tutorials, ideas to embellish your pieces made from the tutorials, talk about pricing work from the tutorials and progress reports on new tutorials in the works, please join the KingfisherArtJewelry Facebook group.

Having the website, shop, and blog in one place works with our general theme of minimalism and simplicity.

We are very excited about the Blog being right on the website. I wrote a column for a national magazine, Living Aboard, for 14 years, so I love to write. The Blog will give us a chance to interact with you

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