Simple Copper Care

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For years we have been telling people to use Wright's Copper Cream to clean their copper, and it is very good.  We have always used Barkeeper's Friend Powder to clean for soldering or to add a patina.  

We recently found 2 forms of liquid Bar Keeper's Friend and both do an amazing job on copper quickly and they are easy to clean off even in the grooves of the Copper Ladles you will find in our Dining and Serving collection.

Easy way to care for your copper.

Copper is a reactive metal that responds to the environment by acquiring its own patina, so your copper will take on a patina influenced by the environment in your home and the PH of your hands. 

To keep a polished copper finish:

  • Wash and dry it immediately after use
  • When it needs polishing, simply clean with Liquid Bar Keeper’s Friend, rinse thoroughly and hand dry.
  • Safety measures are listed on bottle.
  • Note: Do not store food or liquids in copper

If your piece has an applied patina

  • Wash with a mild soap, rinse, and dry after use. 
  • Décor items – wipe with a soft cloth. Occasional paste wax will retain the patina 
  • Do not use a copper cleaner as this will remove the patina.

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