Things Don't Always Work - But Sometimes They Do

challenging work copper geranium leaf Copper Salad Set geranium leaf spoon leaf spoon serving spoon special order

 This my favorite way to work.  I love the hammer and what it will do.

Copper Geranium leaf

We had an order for a special salad set  I would make the leaves and Don would make the handles.  We planned a good collaboration and The first leaf was good.

One Hammer Blow copper leaf

But When I was creating the texture on the second leaf one hammer blow ruined the leaf.

Copper Geranium Leaf Salad Set

The third leaf was better. It matched the first so Don was able to add the handles to make the salad set and I ended up with a new (slightly imperfect) geranium bowl.  I call that a win.  

We create pieces on order, just Email us at and let us know what you need.

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