Too Much Mint / Too Many Cucumbers

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This time of year the garden seems to almost overwhelm us with production.  Cucumbers and mint are some of the top producers.  I don't know how many salads you can eat, but our cucumbers are outdoing them.  Cucumber Mint Water from Kingfisher Designs

We recently visited a facility that offered iced cucumber water at the entrance.  It was served in a beautiful glass vessel with a spout.  The outside of the container was covered in little droplets of water and the contents looked absolutely irresistible.  Cucumber water is served at spas, long term care facilities and health clubs.

We bought a mint plant in a 4 inch container years ago.  Now we have a mint hedge, mint lawn and mint around our trees.  So, naturally our cucumber water has chocolate mint in it.


Cucumber Mint Water

1/2 gallon of water
3-4 8" sprigs of mint
1 cucumber

Extra mint for garnish if you wish

Wash the cucumber and cut into 1/8" to 1/2" pieces.  Wash the mint and fold and twist tightly then shake out.  Add water to a gallon container and refrigerate for 2 - 4 hours to overnight.  Remove the cucumber and serve over ice.  Garnish with mint.  The mixture lasts 2 days.  For variation add some lemon or lime slices.

Kingfisher Designs ladle with cucumber water

Cucumber Mint Water is fast, easy and inexpensive.  Not only is this a refreshing drink, but it is commonly used as a detox drink  Health experts say a detox drink will rid your body of toxins and improve your general health.  

We serve it with one of our copper ladles.  Copper Ladle

Cucumbers add a healthy amount of vitamins A, C and K to your diet along with potassium, thiamin and magnesium.  

So who could ask for more on a hot summer afternoon than a tall cool glass of good health in the form of Cucumber Mint Water.

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