Why a metal honey dipper?

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We have always really loved honey. 

honey bee on sunflower

In recent years, we can also see just how important bees are to the food chain by pollinating the plants in our food supply.  More of us are using it in cooking and as a sweetener in drinks and other foods.

We have started planting flowers just for our bees - this year it was sunflowers.  Next year we will have trumpet vines, morning glories and 4 O'Clocks.

Most honey dippers really don't hold much and they are messy.  So we decided to make one of metal.  We use German Silver and Brass for our Honey Dippers.

Just to give you an idea of the way it works, we have made this little video.  You can see that the metal honey dipper holds the honey inside.  Not only will it hold more, but you can put the honey exactly where you want it.

If you use honey in your tea or coffee it makes a perfect stir stick and the coffee or tea comes out clean.  

metal honey dipper


The handle is made so you can hang the honey dipper inside the jar.  You can find a honey dipper of your own in our online shop. 

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