Reach for the Stars

Remember how you felt when you read a really great book and it was over.  There was no more adventure, you had to say goodbye to the people you lived with for the days you were reading the book.  They had become friends, almost family.  There were no more pages.  That lost lonely feeling is so familiar to avid readers.  You almost hate to start another book because that means you have to actually close that door. (Did I mention that I am a book worm?)

The first sketch for "Walk in the Woods" was done January 23, 2019.  We have worked together and apart collaborating on a piece of work and trying to make two separate visions into one whole.  It has been a consuming trial and a joy.

After 70 days Walk in the Woods is off to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for an exhibition, The Art of Metalsmithing Exposed! at Artlink Contemporary Gallery in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Those of you with children may be familiar with this feeling.  It is similar to the first time you dropped your little one off in someone else's care.  You know they will do fine, but you are a little shaky.

I will miss it - the challenge, the planning, the excitement of seeing success, failure and the near miss that needs to be accommodated.  

So - now what do we do?  I thrive on challenge.  I want to make something that feeds my soul and invades my dreams.  This is the essence of the drive to reach a little further and climb a little higher each time.  

All of this kind of makes one wonder..  What is it that drives to do go beyond their own abilities headlong into the unknown with a driving passion. What is inside those who reach for the stars?

You need to - 

  1. Believe it can be done
  2. Think you can do it
  3. Know it is needed.
  4. Be disciplined
  5. Have a passion to complete it
  6. Not be sidetracked
  7. Be resourceful
  8. Set your goal measurable and with a deadline
  9. Be focused
  10. Drive it from within

We have a hammer, some fire, copper and silver and something to reach for what is next?

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