Everyone Needs a Magic Wand

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This is not a posed photograph - just a picture of some tools on the wall.  It really didn't occur to me until yesterday that it is kind of odd that my magic wand is next to the workbench.  

You know, some days things just don't seem to go smoothly.  No matter how hard you try, you just can't get things done.  I put the wand there on just such a day.   



A Little MagicWhen I can't get some thing to work out on my workbench I will look at it and think - I can get this done.  

People have all kinds of magic to help when they hit the wall.  It could be a walk, chocolate, a favorite song.  Perhaps it is reading for a while or sketching.  

One of my best and worst qualities is persistence.  Never give up!  Of course that also means that if I won't give up on things I should even bother to do in the f8rst place  

My daughter gave it to me years ago - along with a tiara of course.  When I take a break and look at it, I remember that day and the fun we had.  It makes me smile.  So this is my "little bit of magic.  What is yours?  

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