Classic Copper Shotglass

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Imagine, if you will, the book lined study in a fine old mansion.  The shelves are polished mahogany and the floor is covered in an antique Persian rug.  You are wearing a cozy robe and your favorite slippers. You are so comfortable in a high backed leather chair near the stone fire place.   

You are exploring Nepal through the eyes of Elizabeth Enslin in her book - While the Gods Were Sleeping: A Journey Through Love and Rebellion in Nepal by the light of a beautiful old Tiffany lamp.  

 A white-clad server slips in silently with a tray.   On it - the 21 year old Macallan Fine Oak Single Malt.  You pour a dram into your Classic Copper Shot glass and disappear into Nepal.


Just the feel and weight of this shot glass tells you that it is meant for your very best top shelf libation.  It will make even a common drink taste like a top shelf libation.   

  • Holds 2 ounces
  • Sterling silver fused to the copper under the torch
  • 2" high
  • 1.7" wide
  • The patina on this piece was added on purpose to enhance the contrast between the copper and the silver.  Copper cleaner will remove the patina.

Each one is slightly different due to the fact that they are hand crafted.  You might like the patina or prefer it to have a polished look, which is easy to keep. A sample of Wright's Copper Cream is included with your purchase. Learn to care for your copper here - Copper Care Guide

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