Copper Aspen Spoon

Regular price $ 190.00

The copper Aspen Leaf Spoon has an intentional patina, so this piece is good to use for things like ice, chips or as decor for your home.  If you plan to keep it polished with no patina, it is good for serving fruit or vegetables.  This One of a Kind Piece is perfect for the spoon collector.

  • 4.5" wide leaf
  • 5" long leaf
  • 15" total length of the spoon

 The design in the leaf was created by a technique called chasing and repousse.  We hammer hand made tools to raise and lower areas.  The texture in the handle was hammered in.

Copper will develop a natural patina that is influenced by the environment in your own home. You might like the patina or prefer it to have a polished look, which is easy to keep. A sample of Wright's Copper Cream is included with your purchase. Learn to care for your copper here - Copper Care Guide

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