Chapter 12 - And She's B-a-a-a-a-a-d

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Blanche said a crisp "thank you" to Sammy, turned and walked toward the corner.  She moved as if she had a crown on her head.  Sammy stared after her in silent disbelief and turned back toward Linda's.

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As she turned the corner, Blanche saw a pile of rubble where Cappy's disgusting little bar had been. She had understood that it was destroyed in the storm, but it really didn't look much different to her than it always had. 

"Hey lady, watch out!" the man yelled as she stepped under the log they were lifting.  He tried to shove her out of the way, and Blanche landed flat on her back with the meticulous Gucci bag still gripped in her carefully manicured hands, the muscular young man right on top of her. 

"I'm sorry - are you ok?  Did I hurt you?  What were you doin' walking around under that log?" he blurted out.   He noticed that her linen suit still hadn't wrinkled but her hat had fallen off showing her dark red hair.  Then he realized that one of his knees was on top of her very flattened hat. 

Blanche's lips thinned and tightened.  Her nose twitched as she gave an arrogant sniff.  Curt scrambled to his feet and reach for her hand to help her up, but remembered that her hat had been crushed in the fall and turned to pick it up.

"You disgusting lout," growled Blanche as she brought herself to her feet with her innate dignity.  She coolly appraised Curt calculating immediately his usefulness to her. 

"Here's your hat, ma'am," Curt stammered as he attempted to repair the damaged item and only made it worse.   "I'm so sorry I ruined your hat.  It was so fancy.  I'll replace it for you."

"What's your name?" Blanche said with an imperiously arched eyebrow.

"Curt," he said lowering his head in an embarrassed gesture.

"It isn't necessary that you replace the hat, Curt." Blanche condescended. "I doubt you could afford it in any case." she said quietly almost to herself.   Tapping her chin with her fore finger, she purred, "Perhaps there is something else you can do for me"

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