Who, What and Where - The Great Circle

People, animals and  places we will encounter meet along the way in The Great Circle


  • Rick - drifter, cooks at the Far Horizon, work sometimes at the Island Boatyard and cleans fish for the tourists
  • Sammie - blonde and beautiful, barmaid who works at the Far Horizon
  • Cappy - owner of the Far Horizon Bar and Grill
  • Pepe - Cappy's mean fat little black and white dog
  • Jojo - abandoned child who lives with Cappy
  • Dusty - drifted into the harbor on her boat
  • Flog - Rick’s scraggly gray and white Tom cat
  • Freddie B - drives the local Uber
  • Rodney - Visiting scientist who has come to Pirate's Cove to study the effects of the hurricane on the coralHerb - Manager of the Island Boatyard
  • Linda - Owner of Linda's DinerJim - Dishwasher / stock broker at Linda's Diner
  • Sara Johnson - Wife of the owner of Trap Island Rum DistilleryBlanche - Cappy's wife
  • Curt - Hunky guy who works at the Island Boatyard. 
  • Dr. Danhoffer or Dr. D - Local doctor with great skill if not impeccable credentials
  • Julie - Dr. D's nurse
  • Greg - Runs of the Island General Store, Mayor of Pirate's CoveWrenny - Runs the show at Champion's.  Know all and tells nothing
  • Arleen - local resident who has clawed her way to the top of society in Pirate's CoveThe McCarthys - (Phyllis and Jim) run the PYC
  • Ben Johnson - owns the Trapp Island Rum Distillery
  • Steve Rossi - Owner of Island Boat Works
  • Mickey - Young shipwright said to have been a scholar
  • Nate - old shipwright who knows everything and does not make mistakes
  • Baron - Sara Johnson's devil horse


  • The Far Horizon Bar and Grill - beachfront bar popular with tourists and locals
  • Abandon - Rick's boat
  • Windsong - Dusty's boat
  • Linda's Diner - the local diner  the place to eat, meet your friends and learn all the news that wasn't fit to print
  • Trap Island Rum Distillery - Largest employer on the island
  • Champion'sFancy club / spa for the elite and tourists who come to Trap Island.  Home of the PYC
  • PYC - Pirate's Cove Yacht Club
  • Island Boatworks


  • Trapp Island - a small island somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Pirate's Cove - a small village  on Trapp Island
  • Flamingo Bay - the "right side of the tracks" town on the other end of the island

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