Chapter 14 - Emergency

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"Isn't there something else you can do for the pain?   I can't stand needles." said Herb fearfully as he cringed as far away from Dr. D. as he could. 

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Julie reached over to pat Herb on the arm and quietly said,   "Mr. Herb, Dr. D. is just trying to help you.  It will make your legs stop hurting.  Hold still and let him give you a shot." 

"OK." said Herb, "Do your worst."  He turned his head, closed his eyes and held out his arm.  As the medicine began to take effect and Herb relaxed, the group leaned forward to hear a whispered, "Sara, it's all set." 

Puzzled looks were exchanged.  The only Sara on Trapp Island was the wife of the owner of the Trapp Island Rum Distillery.

"Next time he takes her out, it will ......".  He slipped into a troubled sleep.

"Hold on everyone, I'm here.  Now we can get Herb out from under that boat." Yelled Greg as he pushed through the crowd to reach Herb.

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