Chapter 15 - Meeting at Champions

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Sara sighed as she stared out the window.  She'd been been sitting by the same window for lunch since she could afford to go to Champion's.  She slowly stirred her third Julep.  Champion's was the only place in the Caribbean served Juleps in an authentic silver julep cup.

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As Blanche entered the cool comfortable room, she noticed that the decor hadn't even been freshened in the 15 years she'd been gone.  She thought, "Nothing on this God Forsaken island ever changes."

She sat down at her customary table by the corner window in the chair pulled out for her.  "Its nice to see you back Miss Blanche.  May I bring your cocktail?"

"Thank you Wrenny." She nodded her head as she turned toward the window. 

"Blanche!  My dear, its been years.  Where have you been?  We've missed you so much. You look wonderful.  Haven't aged a bit.   I've been thinking about you, darling.   Have you been thinking about me?"  The woman positively fluttered.

Blanche turned slowly, raised one eyebrow, and said "Good afternoon Arleen."

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