Chapter 17 - ....Heard 'Round the World

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"She already took one away from me, I won't let it happen again. I have to get out of here." Sara thought. She raised her head and stood up, her chair crashed over backwards. She decided to pretend not to notice. She scooped up her handbag and took the only available route left to the door. Of course, that path lead directly past Blanche's table.

Sara stopped in her tracks as she heard a stage whisper "I guess when you marry money and leisure, you can drink all afternoon."

Sara stopped and turned to the sound of the familiar voice, and snarled, "You b*!@#& what was that you said to me? What are you doing in Pirate's Cove anyway? No one here wants to see you -- not him, not anyone!"

Blanche appraised Sara coolly, set her drink on the table and turned to dismiss her as completely insignificant.  Sara shrieked, "Look at me you stupid cow! Do you still think you're the Queen of the world?"

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Blanche turned back to Sara and said, "You're making a fool of yourself. Do I need to call the manager and have you removed?"

In one fluid motion, Sara snatched the Julep Cup from the pristine tablecloth and slung its contents in Blanche's face.  Blanche rose to her feet and in an almost gentle-looking way, slapped Sara's left cheek sending her tumbling onto the plush carpeting of Champion's.

She turned to the spellbound audience and said, "She was absolutely hysterical."


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Great Circle Table of Contents

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