Chapter 18 - Rescued

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The shocked crowd moved aside as Greg pushed through.  They'd learned over the years that Greg always got his way.  He looked down at Herb, who was now peacefully asleep with his leg under the fallen boat.  He looked as if he'd been there under a boat at Island Boatworks for weeks.

chapter 18 the great circle, kingfisher designs

Greg started digging around Herb and yelled, "Get that jack, hand me the pry bar.  Does anyone have the keys to that lift?"  Then he stopped and stared at the crowd.

The group was still clustered around Herb wondering at what he'd said right after Dr. D sedated him.   He'd mentioned Sara ... What was going on here?

Greg yelled again, "Do you hear me?  We have to get him out."  People began to gather the materials and equipment to free Herb from his nautical prison.  They hoped he wouldn't wake up.

Under Greg's direction, they put wood blocks under the side of the boat beside Herb so it wouldn't slip any further, then slid the lift straps under the hull and began to lift.  As the boat came up, they set the jacks to keep it from falling back down.  

As soon as the weight of the boat was off of Herb, Rick - his helper at the boatyard - began to pull him out.  Dr. D and Julie were at his side to protect from further injury.  

When Herb was freed, they put him in Dr. D's car for a ride to the infirmary.  

The rest of the group began to chatter about the morning's events and decided they were just too strung out to work any more, so some took off for Far Horizon and the rest left for Linda's to discuss the events of the day and Herb's interesting revelation.

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