Chapter 19 - Lunch at Linda's Diner

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Greg leaned over the counter and asked Linda, "You know anything about Herb and someone named Sara?'

Linda's brow furrowed and she said, "Surely not Sara - the one we know." 

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They both looked up to see Sara - the one they knew - stomping down the street looking much the worse for the wear.  Looked as if she'd been in a bad fight with a salad and lost.

Their eyes met and they spoke simultaneously, "You don't think Sara and Herb ....."

Steve Rossi, stepped in off the street and overheard the last sentence.  He said, "... Well, she hangs around the boatyard a lot."

Linda meowed, "You'd think after she'd been married to Cappy she'd settle down with with Ben and not let that wandering eye (and the rest of her) go."

Jim looked up from the dishes he was washing and said, almost to himself, "Wonder if she and Blanche have run into each other yet.  That'd be a cat fight worth watching."

"Yap! Yip! Yippeee," screeched Pepe as he zipped into the front door of Linda's.

"Wonder where that fat little *!%^*# has been?  Cappy hasn't seen him since the storm." said Linda making a grab for the nasty little dog, who spun and grabbed her by the finger with his sharp teeth.

He ran out the door and under the elegantly shod feet of Blanche; who, though still damp from Sara's mint julep still managed to look elegant.

"Who owns this disgusting animal?" Blanche practically growled.

"It's Cappy's dog.  He's been missing since the storm and just showed up here right now." said Greg.

Blanche just kept moving toward Far Horizon as she said, "Cappy is dead, why would anyone care if his dog ever showed up again or not."

Greg whispered, "Does she think Cappy is dead?

Great Circle Table of Contents

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