Chapter 20 - On the House!

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Greg scooped Pepe up while avoiding his snapping jaws and brushed by Blanche as he headed for Far Horizon.  "Stop that Mutt"

Blanche stopped and looked down at her general state of disarray.  "I can't possibly do anything else until I get cleaned up." She said heading toward the Pirate's Cove Yacht Club to check into her room and get cleaned up before she went to Far Horizon to finish her business in this accursed place.  

She muttered, "That idiot better have my things at the Club waiting for me."


Nate and Mickey - the  were huddled at their usual table on the outside deck discussing their latest boat restoration project when the rest of the crew came in talking about Herb and his predicament.

Kingfisher Designs Far Horizon Bar

"I think bronze thru hulls would last much longer, but I still worry about possible electrolysis." said Nate, puffing on his ever-present pipe.  He stared off into the distance in his usual "dignified" pose.

Mickey boasted, "I designed the electrical system on that boat and you won't find any electrolysis there.  I've been doing this for over 30 years and I don't make mistakes."

Cappy took his place behind the bar and said, "Drinks on the house -- thanks for helping rebuild the bar and saving Herb."

Greg, with a wiggling Pepe under his arm stepped up to the bar and set his burden down.  Cappy ran over and grabbed his best friend with a relieved, "Where have you been?  Greg, where'd you find him?  Thanks, I thought I'd lost him."

Sammy, in her bright red weekend bikini, came up to the bar with another order for drinks from the shipwright's table.  "Hey, he's back.  Where has he been?"  

Pepe turned and growled at Sammy.  She backed up and looked at Cappy.  "I guess he is still himself -- just as ill tempered as he ever was.

Cappy rubbed between Pepe's ears and said, "Yes, he's fine -- Rick, can you bring him a couple of ribs?"

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