Chapter 3- The Bar Fell Down

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As the sad, exhausted trio slowly trudged up the beach toward the Far Horizon, Rick remembered what it looked like when he sailed into Pirate's Cove almost eight years ago. He'd been running from a storm then -- one almost as bad as the one this morning.

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His rig had been destroyed and he had been left with only a jib and boom to set a sail and try to find land. When he'd come to the cove, the tiny group on the island had rescued him and been his family for the last 8 years.

During those years, he'd repaired Abandon, his boat and was still anchored in the cove . It was a cozy home for his cat, Flog, and for him. Now and then they had a guest, so the 34 ft. Alden had enough space for company.

Jojo came running out of the crowd and made a grab for the bottle. Rick pulled it back and put his finger to his lips with a warning look. Jojo took a longing look at the bottle and went back to the crowd by the bar.

"Hey, I think we can find most of it. We can put the bar together again." said Rick. He worked part time at Island Boat Yard and thought that he could do anything in just a few minutes. Cappy was desperate to repair his bar, so he went over to see what Rick had in mind. None of the crew on the beach could imagine life without the Far Horizon.

Half listening to what was going on, Rick looked out across the harbor and it was almost like deja vu -- blinking twice, he looked again. Was that his own Abandon coming in the harbor with the boom holding up the jib, just the way it had it had done 8 years before.

But it couldn't be - another storm, another boat, and was anyone aboard? 

Great Circle Table of Contents

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