Chapter 4 - The Drifter

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Everyone crowded around Cappy, yelling out ideas for repairing the bar. The corner posts were still standing but the tin roof was torn off.  Part of a shelf was still attached to the one remaining wall. They'd found the bar top, a couple of stools and the sign. The rest was pretty much like a pile of trash.

Rick saw some movement out of the corner of his eye.  Bottle still in hand, he turned toward the beach to watch the derelict sail boat drifting slowly - aimlessly into the cove.

The sun was setting and if anyone was aboard they needed help, and they needed it now.

Kingfisher Designs - The Great Circle

"Its almost sunset, lets have a bonfire and burn up all of this trash, then we can start working on the bar first thing tomorrow," said Herb. He was the manager of the boatyard and always knew just how things should be done.

Meanwhile, Rick had gone to the beach, climbed into his dinghy and was rowing to the derelict boat. It still appeared that no one was aboard. The hull looked good, but the rigging was down and the deck had been washed clean of any equipment.

As Rick pulled up alongside the boat, he could read the name, Windsong on the bow. She was trim and pretty with the great lines and style of a boat someone cared for very much.

Rick hoped he'd find someone aboard as he stood up in his dinghy and looked into the cockpit. He saw a small hand on the seat and looking into the cockpit floor, he could see the short sandy hair and the bruised face of a young boy.

Great Circle Table of Contents

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