Chapter 5 - The Bonfire

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The Bonfire The bonfire was blazing as high as the Far Horizon roof poles and people were gathering more junk to make it blaze even higher. When the fire got too close to the generator Herb yelled, "Lets get this thing out of here before something happens."

Six people grabbed the heavy generator tipped it up to drag it away from the fire. No one saw the trail of gasoline they were leaving in the sand. They dropped the generator about 15 ft. from the fire behind what was left of a tree and started back for the bar.

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"Hey here's a bottle of rum, maybe we can find stuff to make Painkillers," said Sammy as she pulled a "Far Horizon Bar" sweatshirt on over the bikini. "Do you think we can get any ice?" 


Rick had reached his boat, Abandon, and was lifting the boy aboard.  His boat cat, Flog, was hanging over his shoulder watching and reached out a paw to touch the bruised face.

The boy moaned and began to wake up. Rick had to dodge as a small fist came up to smack him on the side of the head.


Back on the beach, Cappy produced, from somewhere, the coconut milk and pineapple juice needed for the Pain Killers and Sammy said, "Guess we will just have to live without the ice and other stuff."

Then she was knocked to the ground by the force of the explosion!

Great Circle Table of Contents

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