Chapter 8 - The Light of a New Day

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By the time the worst of the mess was cleaned up and the fire put out, the keg was empty and the Pain Killers were gone. Most of the crew had fallen asleep in the hammocks left hanging in the trees.

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The next morning found them all with sore heads and worse dispositions, so Cappy said, "Since we are going to rebuild the bar today, why don't we go down to Linda's and get breakfast so we have a good start."

As they were gathering them selves to go, they saw Sara Johnson, the Rum distillery owner riding her evil horse, Baron. She rode with her customary arrogant posture and looked as if she didn't even realize the storm had destroyed so much of Pirate's Cove.

Only her quick glance at Herb let anyone know that she was aware of the group on the beach. A very careful observer might have noticed that the glance was more smoldering than casual

"Hey Guys, lets go over to Linda's and get some breakfast. We can find out how everyone made it through the storm." said Jojo. Everyone was hungry after the night and Linda's sounded good, so they all trooped into Linda's to see who was there and what was up.

"Great to see you this mornin'" said Linda as she poured hot coffee to the very brim of each cup.

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Great Circle Table of Contents

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