Chapter 9 - Where the Elite Meet to Eat

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Jim was washing dishes and eavesdropping on the crew with his usual curiosity.  He was planning his next move in the stock market. Being a trader was tough for someone who only saw a newspaper now and then and most of his stock tips came from the crew from The Far Horizon and all of them were in their designated seats at Linda's for Breakfast. 

The Great Circle

The surprise was that his portfolio made more money with little information than it had when he'd lived the market day-by-day.

He wouldn't have bothered with trading, but he still felt awful about the old ladies he'd ruined during the S & L scandals and it was the only way he could pay them back. He hadn't meant to hurt them -- didn't realize it was all going to blow up in his face, so when it did, he high-tailed it out of New York and had been hiding out in Pirate's Cove ever since.

He couldn't pay the old ladies directly, so he'd opened a Swiss bank account to transfer the money and keep him out of the picture. He had an old friend - a broker - who owed him big time, and made the trades he ordered and sent the money out.

"Glad you made it thru the storm -- Bloody Marys for everybody -- on the house," called Linda. 

All heads turned when Rick walked in with a stranger. "Hey guys, this is Dusty. I don't know if you saw the boat in the harbor last night, but she was on it." Sixteen pairs of eyes stared at Dusty. This was a she? Rick had never been much interested in women.  No one was quite sure why.

Great Circle Table of Contents

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