Doug James

Doug James - 1975

I thought this disappeared when I was cleaning my mom’s apartment out. It was put on audio tape in 1975 and transferred to CD. I found it a few days ago and finally figured out how to convert it to be uploaded so my kids could hear it. I believe that is why you hear distortions in places.

When my mom met my dad he was singing in a nightclub in Ogden Utah. Swept her right off her feet and they flirted like teenagers until he died 56 years later. They are together now and he is singing her these sweet songs.

We lived in a 20 ft. trailer and he had a band just for fun. The men would play in one end with the bass fiddle sticking out of the top vent. The women would make coffee in the other end.  The kids would play in the yard and carry the coffee from one door to the other.

And this is why sometimes I will share music and say this is the sound track of my childhood.

Side 1

  • Sunny Side
  • Old Cold Tater
  • Kindest Old Mother
  • He'll Have to Go
  • Elusive Dreams
  • Hobo Jungle

Side 2

  • Bobby McGee
  • Try a Little Kindness
  • Muskogee
  • Big Bouquet of Roses
  • Put My Little Shoes Away
  • The Cruel War