The Shadow

Rick and Sammy looked up to see who owned the shadow and saw a sad broken spirit shadowing Cappy's ruddy usually-jovial face.  "How can you scrap like a couple of otters when I have nothing left.  My whole life is destroyed just like my bar. "

Far Horizon Bar and Grill the only place in town where you could get a cold Pain Killer in the bar, and walk outside to the grill for some of Rick's famous ribs.  Then you could take them over to a table under the palm trees, have your meal and throw your bones to the resident Far Horizon dog - Pepe.

Pepe the fat mean little black and white dog

Pepe was the meanest little dog in the Caribbean unless you were feeding  him ribs.  He was a fat little short-haired black and white dog with skinny legs, a loud bark and a mouth full of sharp little teeth. 

You had to feel a little sorry for Pepe though; he had only one eye.   The other was taken out by a rat trap, and if you tapped on the eyelid, it sounded like a drum.  He hated anyone who wasn't Cappy or wasn't feeding him Rick's ribs.

Cappy said brokenly, "Pepe is gone.  I think he washed away in the storm."

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