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Large Copper Serving Spoon Shaped Like an Aspen Leaf

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This is an Aspen leaf copper spoon. It is long enough to reach to the bottom of a 10 qt. pot easily.  Give your guests a memorable experience at your table with this creative and unusual serving piece. This large copper leaf spoon or scoop will set the tone for fine dining or a casual meal. Use it to scoop ice for your guest's drinks or serve vegetables, pasta or salad with this hand crafted one-or-a-kind Aspen leaf copper spoon.

The purchase of this listing is for an Aspen leaf copper spoon with the following specifications.

  • Handle is 11" long with a loop at the end for hanging 
  • The is 4.5" x 4.5"
  • The spoon is 15.5" long
  • The sides of the leaf are 1.25" high.
  • Signed Maker's Card
  • Handmade muslin bag for protection.

This copper spoon is made using Old World Craftsmanship. The design in this spoon is all created free hand with hammers and handmade tools. No molds or forms are used in this work. Everything from the heavy copper rivets to the handle made from a double layer of copper. It is a heritage piece meant to be passed down as a keepsake for many generations.

This piece is shown polished out, but copper does patina. If you prefer it very shiny, just clean it with either commercial copper cleaner (we like Carol Wright) or vinegar and salt.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have this Copper Leaf Spoon ready to ship to you right away. Invest in the Simple Elegance of a Kingfisher Designs future heirloom.

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