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Sterling Silver Knot Pendant with 14k Solid Gold Whipping on 20" Double Rope Chain

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This Sterling Silver Bowline Knot Pendant with 14k solid gold whipping was hand-tied. It is tied in tarnish resistant Argentium Sterling Silver. The whipping is added in just just the way you would see it on a boat. This pendant makes a particularly nice gift for your bridesmaids.

The purchase of this listing is for an Argentium sterling silver pendant whipped in 14k solid yellow gold.

  • 1 3/8" x 5/8"
  • 14k Solid Gold Whipping
  • 20" sterling silver double rope chain
  • Signed "Maker's Card"
  • Silver cleaning cloth

Hand-tied bowlines make beautiful wedding jewelry, especially since the knot symbolizes strength. it is easy to tie, but gets stronger under stress. 

We appreciate your visit to KingfisherArtJewelry.Award winning hand-tied silver and gold bowline knots bring the tradition of centuries of seafarers to your jewelry collection. The simple elegance of knotted jewelry can only be found online. Be the first to know about new designs.

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