Brass or German Silver Honey Dipper

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With more people using local honey from jars, a honey dipper has become more useful than ever. 

Why would a metal honey dipper be better than a wooden or plastic one?

  • Holds honey inside the spring area
  • Holds more honey
  • Honey flows out exactly where you want
  • Much easier to clean than a wooden or plastic honey dipper.
  • 5" long
  • Choose copper, German Silver or brass
  • Each one different because they are handmade

The recipe booklet included with the honey dipper has recipes for infused honey.  The infusions are wonderful for your tea or other uses and make beautiful gifts.

  • Cinnamon Honey
  • Jalapeno Honey
  • Bourbon Honey
  • Vanilla Honey
  • Orange Honey
  • And a great cornbread recipe

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