About Kingfisher Designs

Don & LouiseThe dining and serving pieces, tableware and home decor work the artisans of Kingfisher Designs make is made with the eye of a jeweler.  That is for good reason - the business started with jewelry.  This is obvious in the design and attention to detail in every spoon, bowl and metal box in the collection.

"They're too pretty to use!"  This statement is  heard at every showing of these pieces.  Yes!  They are made to be used daily for generations.  They are future heirlooms to be passed down through families as a treasured part of the heritage of the family.  The same beautiful copper ladle used to serve gumbo at a party is used to serve soup to the family at an every-day meal and the punch at a family wedding.  So yes!  Use them, love them and pass them on.

We hope you join us on our new journey. For 12 years we have made jewelry, written tutorials and we have opened a separate shop for those things.

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