Celebrate Every Day!

Star Ornament

Every business seems to have a tag line.  Coke has "It's the Real Thing."  Purdue uses and Frosted Flakes has "They're grrrrrreat!"  At Kingfisher Designs we say -

Celebrate Every Day!

As the holiday season approaches we are working on new ornaments.  Previously the ornaments have been available only at WinterArts.  This year we have added 17 new ornaments for your collection and added them to the website as the Celebrate the Season collection.

The ornaments are shipped with a hanger for your tree and a cord so you can wear them as a necklace.

You can even get ornaments in a specific color range (as long as we have the colors) and a word, name or date on the back (as long as it fits).  You will find instructions on the check out page.  

Celebrate the Season Collection

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