Our Workshop

Don & Louise at Work

We thought you might enjoy a little tour of our workshop, staff (Deuce - The Copper Cat) and of course our favorite things - TOOLS.  This picture shows the two of us hammering away.

Deuce - The Copper Cat

Deuce - The Copper Cat, is our Shop Supervisor, Quality Control, Safety Engineer and general Distraction expert.  He keeps the shop straight and makes sure we stay on schedule.

Precision is the Key






Precision is the Key to the finest in craftsmanship and Don is the master of the Old World Craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Kingfisher Designs.


Details in design are the signature of a Kingfisher Designs piece.  As former jewelers, each piece is made with the craftsmanship and "eye of the jeweler".

Hammering a Spreader

Using traditional tools, the pieces are made with techniques centuries old.


These tools are used for chasing and repousse'.  The hammers are very specialized with a pistol grip and a very thin neck to give the hammer almost a "bounce".  The tools are for working the metal.  Some are purchased and others we make for ourselves.


With all of the emphasis on traditional tools and ancient techniques, we do use the newest of technology.  These are not common jeweler's saws.  They have adjustments rarely available and use the most recent in technology and materials to make them light weight and responsive.

Lots of Ladles

You can always tell when it was a great day in the shop.  This is a large group of ladles, skimmers, scoops and spoons all ready for their new handles.


Things don't always go as planned.  As hard as we try to keep things in order, stuff happens.  I honestly can't figure out what I was trying to do, but it made a huge mess.  At least no one was hurt.  Lesson learned!

Magic Wand

When all else fails we call in the magic wand.  No matter how hard you try sometimes it is the only way


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