Chapter 13 - The Crushing Blow

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A loud crash sounded to the north of Far Horizon in the area of Pirate's Cove Boatyard.  Blanche was left standing alone as everyone rushed to see what the noise was. 

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 "What was that?" yelled Cappy as he ran out of Linda's followed by the rest of the crew.  It took only a minute for the group to run to the Boatyard.

 "Be careful," yelled Rick.  "Stand back.  Get Dr. Danhoffer"

 "Oh no, Herb's under there.  Herb, are you OK?" said Cappy as he knelt  beside the man, whose left leg was under an old wooden sailboat which had fallen. 

 "Owww!  I don't know.  It hurts." groaned Herb.

 "Dr. D. is on the way.  Help will be here soon Herb.  Hang on." said Cappy.

 "Maybe we can lift the boat off of him if we work together," said Rick.  "We gotta get him out or he'll die.  I know he will."  Rick was almost sobbing by this time.  He had worked at Island Boatworks with Herb for many years and rarely did anything without a direct order from Herb.

"Here comes Dr. D." said Linda.   "Over here," she yelled.  "Herb's in bad shape.  He needs help right now."

Dr. D, wearing his usual print shirt and sandals, eased his way through the crowd and knelt by Herb.  "You OK, Herb?"

 "Yeah Doc, I hurt awful.  Did you bring anything for the pain?  Can you guys get me out of here?"  said Herb.

"We'll need some kind of plan.  If we start trying to move the boat, we could drop it even more on top of Herb," said Steve Rossi, the marina owner.

"Julie," yelled Dr. D.   "Get me that pain killer."

 Julie, in her usual crisp whites with a cap, passed him the syringe.  Herb eyed it with a panic-stricken look.  He hated needles.

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