After the Storm
Episode 1

  • Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Sometime in the 21st Century

After the storm passed Rick headed for the big waves.  The beach was littered with debris and he spotted something interesting.  He bent over to pick up the seaweed covered wine bottle and felt the pain from his racing injury kick in. 

He had been watching the bottle float through the blue green waters to the sandy white beach for about an hour.  The hurricane had just passed and this was the only place left on the island that still felt like home.

Far Horizon Bar and GrillWhen he stood up, he saw a bright yellow bikini racing up the beach toward him.  As the bikini came closer, he could see that it was filled to the brim with Sammy, one of the waitresses at Far Horizon

When she got close enough, she yelled, "Hey Rick, thanks for finding my bottle."  Sammy was sweet and hot as a shot of Goldschlager.   When she got mad, she could be meaner than Jojo's pet ferret.

"Ain't yours -- I found it.  Sorry sugar."  said Rick, who would usually do anything for anyone, but he and Sammy went back way too far for that. 

"Looks like there's a note or a map or somethin' in here." he muttered to himself.  He looked down the beach -- and who'd have thought it, the framework from Far Horizon was still standing.

"It's mine and you know it!" Sammy grabbed him by the wrist -- the one he'd broken last night at the Hurricane Party.  He fell to the ground taking her with him.  As they rolled in the sand wrestling over the bottle, a shadow fell across their bodies.

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